Audio Restoration  
and Preservation

LION and FOX utilizes our 30 years of experience in analog and digital audio to provide the finest audio restoration service possible.

Our vast experience in analog reel-to-reel technology is used in the first and most important step in the process – transfer of the original recording. Studer equipment is used for playback. Great care is taken to align the head azimuth and playback parameters to capture 100% of the existing signal.

A “baking” service is available for tapes suffering from breakdown of the oxide layer.

We have equipment to support playback of virtually all track and speed formats. Noise reduction formats including Dolby A, Dolby SR, and DBX.

The signal is then digitized using 24 bit A to D converters. Further processing including equalization, done in the digital domain, if required. However, emphasis is put on preservation of the recording in its original form.

CD-Rs or PMCDs are created through SADiE mastering systems.

Work is performed in acoustically tuned, equalized, Live End Dead End style control rooms using UREI speaker systems, as well as near-field monitoring systems.

We also have a keen understanding of the cassette mastering and duplication process, as we create approximately 30 masters per week for bin-loop duplication.

LION and FOX is proud to have performed tape restoration and archiving work for these organizaions:

The National Archives
General Accounting Office
Williams and Connolly
Associated Investigators
Kellogg, Huber and Hansen
U.S. Dept. of Justice
U.S. House of Representatives