Basic Tracks 

Multi-Track Music recording

LION and FOX's studio complex is equipped to take an entire album project from an artist's conception to the final CDs, DVD, and/or CD-ROMs. Recording multitrack: live, acoustic or electronically. And when it comes to mixing, the biggest contribution a studio can bring to a project, L&F is the studio of choice for hundreds of records and CDs. A good multitrack control room is an incredible working machine, designed and wired for the engineer's needs and based on years of experience, L&F's control room is set up so the engineer is always ready to anticipate the musician's and producer's next move.

A typical multitrack recording session begins with the band's rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) playing all at once while a guide vocal track is recorded at the same time. This is a very exciting part of the process, there you are, part of the creation of a piece of history, a song is born. After the rhythms of all the songs are recorded, the next step is to overdub the lead vocals to the songs. After the rhythms and vocals are finally to perfection, it is time to overdub the sweetening tracks, if needed (backup vocals, horns, keys, solos). The engineer's goal is to have each instrument or group of instruments of the song recorded on separate tracks of the 24 track. This way, each of the instrument tracks can be played back as they would in a live performance. Once all the tracks are recorded, it is time to Mix.

Mixing is the combining/blending of audio elements that result in a final mix. The first job of the mix engineer is to get the proper balance or blend of the various sounds. This balance usually needs to be adjusted constantly during each segment or song. Automation helps the mixing engineer by remembering volume adjustments made by hand and then executing the moves automatically.

Equalization (tone control) is used to adjust the tonal quality of each sound. Other signal processing devices (reverb, delay, compressors, noise gates, etc.) are used to further shape the sound.

The "original final mix" is usually recorded in a 2 track (stereo) format such as DAT or CD. We also mix directly to the SADiE editor. When all mixing is completed on a project, it is ready for editing and mastering.